Spongey is a basic car sponge. he fills in for tigger when the poohs' antics get too messy. he's hosted his own game show called "mud-lympics", in witch the poohs fly very high, fall into very large mud puddles, and get very very muddy. he enjoys long showers, rainy days, & soaking up vast amounts of muddy water then constricting himself over the poohs wich make them muddier & wettier.
Poohniverse 002


the poohs have recently nicknamed him "stacy" wich is going along with tigger's name being "jammi"(which is how the poohs pronounce "jeramy") & domo being called "stacey". if u don't why it goes along then watch disney XD until a show with the initials "P & F". (we r not aloud 2 say there name 'cause we'd be sued).